Thursday, January 3, 2008

Cookbooks - Travel

When I travel, one item I purchase for my collection is a regional cookbook. My Mom has accompanied me on vacations and loves to review the trip by looking at the cookbook. I generally have to modify cooking recipes but having purchased the cookbook in the area somehow makes the recipe and the book precious.

Friends visiting cities such as New Orleans or Dallas have borrowed my cookbooks when preparing for their trips. I also love the cookbooks purchased in smaller towns, those detailing local events and international books. These cookbooks make cooking fun and bring back wonderful memories of our vacations.


Maria said...

Your new blog--Precious Cooking-- rocks! I'm not just saying that b/c I'll be a contributor. You are a wizard in the kitchen, the garden, and the world of information.

Maria said...

Two comments in a row: Forgive me. But I wanted to add that on a trip to England recently, I picked up Ration Book Cooking at the Imperial War Museum. I have another cookbook with recipes from Mennonites around the world. Striving to create delicious food within boundaries (that are both environmental and economic) is a worthwhile aim, don't you think?

Rosa S. Raskin said...

Your cookbooks sound most interesting. Do you have the exact title of either of them? I suspect the Ration Book Cooking might include recipes lacking eggs or milk and of interest to those with allergies?

Thanks so much for your thoughtful contributions to this blog.

Rosa S. Raskin

Rosa S. Raskin said...


Your comments are most welcome and please input to this blog often.

I love your complement that Precious Cooking rocks! That is an incentive for me to continue.

Rosa S. Raskin

Connie said...

I'm excited to try your pizza recipe!

~Connie in Maryland

Rosa S. Raskin said...


Thanks for your comments. The recipe
is simple and you can freeze the pizza crusts after you pre-bake
them. Keep them in the freezer for unexpected company, top with whatever you have, bake and serve.