Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Rally for Hillary

I had the great privilege of hearing Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton speak at Brush High School last night. I was in the "overflow" room full of people who could not get into Welser Gym and thus were treated to her speech initially on wide screen TV. Feeling rather rejected and invisible--this is, after all, my fate in life--and grumbling over the irony, since I have paid taxes into this district since the early 1980s, my son was part of a featured music group performing, and I could not even have my way begged in with the help of a campaign member--I was surprised to hear Sen. Clinton indicate that she intended to visit the group of 900 plus that was at the overflow location. Wow. Few things in life impress me more than flexibility. So, I could hear firsthand her message and her goals. To this day, I cannot understand why people heap so much negativity upon her. Is it because she is smart? Female? Straightforward? Is it because she was perceived as a victim in her marriage, and heaven knows that people "blame the victim"? I have no clue.

I do not know whether Sen. Obama or Sen. Clinton will get the nomination.

But I suspect that if Hillary had the power and support to become President, we would see a transformation in our nation--despite the snide, crude, and sexist remarks of local talk shows and other commentators.