Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nachos for Mom

On a recent trip to Charlotte, we learned that my 93 year young Mom loves black beans, chips, cheese sauce, and salsa. When I gave it to her once at home, no interest. However, on our trip she not only loved it but asked me to get the recipe!

I took my husband and Mom to Charlotte where I attended the American Coatings Show as I was in the category of exhibitor for one of my clients, and have published and am continuing to publish articles in APCJ: Asia Pacific Coatings Journal and PPCJ: Polymer Paint Colour Journal.

The trip was a wonderful adventure for Mom as she liked seeing an early spring. We drove no more than 200 miles per day. Most important, the trip gave us ideas as to how to prepare some new meals and snacks that Mom will enjoy.

We took Mom to a famous steakhouse and talked to the chef about preparing a filet mignon for her that she could chew. My husband said it melted in his mouth but Mom could not chew it.

What Mom loved was the nachos every evening at Embassy Suites in Charlotte. Mom had me call to find out their recipe. I also talked to the physician assistant at Mom's doctor's office who told me to take a piece of velveta cheese and about half that amount of sour cream, place in the microwave, stir, and the result is a wonderful cheese sauce that is just soft enough, yet not too soft.

The velveta sour cream mixture does not stick on Mom's teeth, a complaint she has about the melted cheese on pizza, grilled cheese sandwiches, etc. I have a dentist appointment scheduled for her to find out why food feels like it is sticking.

McDonalds is never a problem. She eats her entire fish sandwich, fries, apple pie, etc., yet when I make the same fish at home "it does not go down".

Thanks to McDonalds, Mom is a member of the clean plate club.

We have a wonderful waitress at a local Chinese restaurant that has the big bowl of shrimp chips waiting for Mom.

Mom's doctor says have her eat anything she wishes. Too bad for us that Mom does not like milkshakes but loves potato salad with lots of real mayonnaise.

I make the potato salad so that my husand may eat it with non fat Miracle Whip and for Mom's portions, add lots of real mayonnaise.

Have I gained weight in the 1 1/2 years Mom has been with us, you bet and I only lick the spoon on occasion!