Saturday, June 26, 2010

Homemade Blueberry Pancakes

My 93 year young Mom is a bit particular about what she eats but homemade blueberry pancakes are a hit! I use whole grain flour with some unbleached flour to make the pancakes a bit lighter and easier to eat. I mixed a handful of fresh blueberries into the batter at the last moment while cooking the pancakes. At age 93 years, one rarely gobbles anything but the blueberry pancakes disappeared as I had hoped.

Cooked berries appear to be easier for the elderly to consume. I put them in at the last minute and watch them swell while cooking, some burst to release the wonderful color and aroma into the cooking pancake.

I grow blueberries in my garden. One needs to plant different varieties to get berries. I have three blueberry varieties growing in my yard that produce a couple handfuls of berries each year. Once ripe, I pick them quickly.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fast Summer Enriched Cheesecake

I hate to turn the oven on in the summer when it is very warm outside but wanted to make a rich cheesecake for my Mom.

I decided to make the "No Bake" Jello brand cheesecake, follow the directions exactly and add one 8 ounce package of softened cream cheese to the mixture while blending with the hand mixer. Thus, the cheese mixture included the packet provided, one and one half cups whole milk, as directed, and in addition a softened 8ounce package of creamcheese. If I were making this for me I would use the reduced fat Neuchatel.

The cheesecake came our great, like a European one -- not as sweet as a U.S. cheesecake. It is the closest thing I have eaten to a New York type cheesecake without doing any baking.

I also decided to leave the sugar out of the crust as my Mom has been complaining that foods are "too sweet".

The problem is that the cheesecake is too good and I can not keep myself out of it and I am not the one supposed to be gaining weight!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Making Beignet (French Doughnuts)

I am looking forward to making beignet (French doughnuts) for my Mom. She has never been to New Orleans and Cafe Du Monde but truly loves doughnuts.

I purchased a box of the Cafe Du Monde, original French Market coffee stand, beignet mix during a recent visit to Jungle Jim's in Cincinnati, Ohio. I have seen the mixd in stores at home in the Greater Cleveland area but had more time to look for it on a recent vacation trip to Cincinnati. I used to have to order the mix but it is carried in many grocery stores.

I have never seen a food store like Jungle Jim's. Jungle Jim's started as a small fruit market when we lived in Cincinnati long ago. It has grown to not only have every item from every country one can desire or imagine, but Jungle Jim's has a cooking school.

I would love to take classes in a cooking school but for now am content to make the beignet's for my Mom.

If you find yourself in Cincinnati, in addition to eating Cincinnati chili, buying bagels, and getting ice cream and wonderful baked goods at Graeter's, give yourself plenty of time to see Jungle Jim's, a few hours at least!

Don't forget to get a map of the grocery store, remember where you parked, and visit the country of your choice within the store.