Thursday, July 15, 2010

Problems with Waring Food Grinder

I am having nothing but problems with my new Waring MG100 Food Grinder. My first grind was fine. Two weeks have passed and the grinding blades are rusting and the machine does not work.

I purchased this grinder as it was recommended by the salesperson who said it was an incredible grinder that her mother used.
I would love to talk to anyone that has this grinder. I put in small chunks of chicken today but no luck and a big mess.

A waste of good food, my time, energy, money, and most of all, the potential for my Mom to get the nutrition one of 93 yrs so desparately needs.

I am very disappointed, felt I was mislead by the sales person who I will call in the A.M. as well as Waring. Waring made the first blender that I ever owned. I was devoted and loyal to the company until my experience with this product. I do not wish to bother with the postage to send it back but maybe they might figure out the problem and prevent this from happening to another person caring for an elderly parent!

Maybe mine just happened to be a "lemon"?