Monday, February 24, 2014

Roasted Cauliflower - Comfort Food and Sweet Treat

My sister who lives in Austin, Texas, asked me how I prepare roasted cauliflower. On busy days like today, I want to put everything for dinner into the oven. In fact, I talked to my sister while preparing dinner tonight, cooking it, eating it and I need only throw the parchment paper on the cookie sheet away -- few pots or dishes to clean.

As a treat, we have literally eaten roasted cauliflower as if we were eating potato chips! Easier to make than kale chips, which only take ten minutes in the oven but can get overcooked very easily, no one can over or under cook roasted cauliflower! Under cooked it remains crunchy, but we prefer the tendency to overcook and enjoy the caramelized goodness and softness of this wonderful vegetable, which I purchase when on sale at our local market. It is one of the few vegetables in our part of the country in the winter that says USA!

One of our favorite winter vegetables is this roasted treat. My husband and I can eat almost an entire head for our side dish for dinner or as a fun evening snack. It has a beautiful color, roasting brings out the sweetness, notice the dark sweet spots on this delicious vegetable!

Kids love finger foods, don't we all! We eat it completely plain, but one can spray the head with cooking spray and put on preferred spices, serve with ketchup, or just plain per its natural sweetness
and caramel color and flavor.

Notice the green leaves, don't throw them out as they become tender on roasting and have nutritional value. I only cut off the first, outermost leaves and slice up the entire head into thin long pieces. Some of the long pieces break up on their own and others break up after baking in the oven.

I usually roast the sliced up head of cauliflower on a 9" x 12" cookie sheet lined with parchment paper, which I buy in bulk from COSTCO! I set the temperature to 425 F or the temperature needed for the rest of my dinner baking in the oven. I put it on the bottom baking rack in my oven as other items are baking on the racks above!

Enjoy this sweet, warm, and comforting treat, especially wonderful in our cold and very long Cleveland, Ohio winters!

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