Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Deer eating up your garden, flowers and plants?

It was a cold 6 months of winter and now spring is here and we are starting our gardens for the yummy vegetables or will we have some? Most probably many of us are "sharing" our flowers and vegetable plants with the local deer herds. Yes, I mean "herds" of deer.

One came to me while I was mowing my lawn, after he ate the neighbors geraniums -- yes, they were sprayed with deer repellant, but we have no sure solutions in my area and we are using much Irish Spring soap and physical barriers like herbs, and objects to try to alter the path of the deer. They love my day lilies and I had to hide my tomato plant among leeks, basil, stakes of soap.

Luckily, the deer do not eat my Italian Heirloom Kale and that is most of my garden this year as they cleaned out my tomato plants last year, right down to the ground!

Here are some photos of the soap inside cut up onion bags and pantyhose! Can you find the lonely tomato plant surrounded by leeks, basil, and small bags of Irish Spring soap?

The deer is headed for my day lily garden!
You can see my kale plants, luckily the deer leave the kale for us to eat and we love it on sandwiches instead of lettuce, in smoothies with banana and almond milk, and sauteed for a few minutes. 

Kale is also great added to any soup in the fall. Kale also freezes well.