Thursday, July 24, 2014

Baby Sister Coming to Dinner

My youngest sister, who is my "baby" no matter her age, is coming to dinner tomorrow night. I had to bake her favorite pie, pumpkin and her favorite shortbread cookies. I rarely bake in the summer, and even more rarely in July. Both of my sisters' birthdays are in August, so baking in summer can sometimes not be avoided.

I love using natural brown waxed paper to roll out a pie crust and always use parchment paper for baking cookies as it is fast.

I have little time as it may get hot today, but it is cool at the moment. I use the oven for multiple tasks on days like today!

I made a whole wheat pie crust with white whole wheat flour, photos included.

Some of the cookies are a bit overbaked for shortbread cookies, but we like our cookies to at least have a bit of a brownish area on the outside. These cookies are very, very, delicate.

Here is how I made the pie crust, I roll it on the brown waxed paper and move the paper over the
pie pan and deposit it on the glass pie pan. Using a scissors, I cut any extra and paste it if needed.
I pricked one pie crust with a fork but not the other, and do not see much difference in the pre-baking process. Since we dislike 'soggy" crusts, I bake the crust for about 10 minutes before adding the pumpkin filling.

For the cookies, I mixed the dough and placed it in the refrigerator while the pies were baking.

Here are the photos, my Mom made the most beautiful cookies, I rarely make a decent one!

I rolled the dough in long tubes and rolled into the wonderful brown waxed paper and refrigerated longer as my pies are in the oven. I have a double oven, but only use the top and try to put several items in it to bake, if I am going to bake!

I unrolled two of the rolls and froze the third one without the wax paper, and placed in a freezer bag in my freezer for another cold morning when we have company, as these butter cookies are NOT in our diet. I baked the cookies in two rows in my oven.

Here are the baked pies and cookies, now the problem is I am not to eat this until my sister comes over tomorrow. Guess, I better get a cup of coffee, sit on my porch, and dream about them as the smell is incredible, or get back to one of my "volunteer" projects!

Oh, and the dishes, luckily I put them in my really deep sink, so I do not see them, but here they are as no munchkins live in this house to clean up my kitchen!

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