Monday, July 28, 2014

The Rain in Spain Stays Mainly on the ?

It has been raining cats and dogs yesterday, all night and today. Some areas are under water, some areas have flooded. I am waiting for the pond to form in my backyard. Maybe I will get some tadpoles, anything but snakes! We are lucky so far, trees still standing, but look at those branches almost touching the ground!

My garden is doing well, as much kale as we might want. Someone continues to dig in my pot of arugula on my front porch, but who?

No need to wash the deck furniture or the grill, nature is doing it for me, can't paint the deck when it is soaking wet every other day, so I get to take a rest?

I have multiple barriers for my hydrangeas as our starving deer love them, but per our difficult and very long winter, the coldest on record in years, my hydrangea just started blooming this week. Mine are younger, but the older plants at my Mom's house have not yet started to bloom and last year they were  truly gorgeous!

Wow, and the branches of my Thornless Honey Locus trees (that are not so thornless) are nearly
touching the ground this morning per their wet leaves! Will the branches break off? Stay tuned!

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