Monday, December 1, 2014

Kale Smoothies in Winter

While I am re-reading an Ebook (I am author #2) which is FREE for Cyber Monday, entitled, "Mentoring Power," I thought I should make us some kale smoothies. These smoothies are a very dark green. This is because I added concentrated tart cherry juice to the mixture before blending.

The recipe for 2 full glasses includes:

2 medium ripe bananas (my husband likes 3 ripe bananas for a really sweet smoothie)
2 cups of almond milk
1/2 cup of kale (mine was Italian Heirloom kale from my garden having been quickly blanched and frozen, fresh kale is great too and you can add more kale to your mixture.
Cherry concentrate -- about 1/4 cup -- but his is optional, and fruit may be added, or leave it as a kale shake with just the kale, almond milk, and banana

I blend the above in my Oster blender which will crush ice. I do not add ice in the winter, but in the summer I might add frozen bananas and ice. The blender is a cheap one, maybe $25.00, but it had to have the ice crushing setting as I do not want to notice a single plant cell in my smoothie, I want it smooth as a smoothie should be. I do not want to chew my smoothie!

Berries or almost any other fruit (berries, peaches, etc) can be added, but if you are sensitive about colors, be cautious about combinations as you might end up with a gray color -- delicious to drink but not to look at.

By the time I finished drinking my smoothie, I had read the concise Ebook, Mentoring Power, once again -- it is only FREE for Cyber Monday, a few more hours.

If you or someone you know needs a mentor, is interested in how to mentor, or in U.S. and/or foreign mentoring programs, do not miss the chance of downloading this FREE ebook, which was Hot listed on Amazon's list of ebooks on vocational guidance, the first day it was published!

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